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  • College under fire over sex questions

    Clemson University suspends mandatory online course that asked questions about sex lives, drinking and drug use.
  • Airliner's engine 'exploded'

    The plane was flying over the ocean off California with 147 people on board when the right engine "blew," JetBlue said. Smoke filled the cabin, but the oxygen masks didn't deploy, one passenger said. The drama didn't end there.
  • Spacecraft to arrive at Mars

    NASA says its latest Mars-exploring spacecraft is on track to fire up its thrusters and enter orbit this Sunday night, completing a 10-month journey of 442 million miles.
  • 'Deadbeat' parents shamed online

    Private parental disputes in Kenya are going online -- and viral.


Take A Look At These Blogging Tips!

Almost everyone today has a blog, it is just one of those things that is catching on and what people are using to get their voice heard. If you wish to figure out how you can create and maintain an online presence then this article and all of the knowledge inside should help you do …

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Go green!

U.S. National Climate Assessment – A Wake Up Call

On May 6, 2014, the U.S. Government released an 800 page document titled U.S Climate Assessment. This report describes the past and global warming impacts of climate change and projects how climate change will affect the United States through the end of the 21st century. The report presents a broad picture of how climate change …

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